Scouting & Transfer Tool

If continuous improvement is the only way for you, then our Scouting & Transfer Tool will definitely help you achieve your goal. Our tool combines the art of scouting enhanced with the power of data, revolutionizing the way you evaluate players and build winning teams. From now on, every decision will be based also on data and every risk will be a calculated one.


Gap Analysis & Dynamic Guidelines

By collaborating, we can achieve more. Your scouting staff can give us a pool of players distinguished through video analysis or experience. We'll then evaluate them using our advanced metrics, leading to an objective player ranking across leagues and competitions. This helps you find the perfect player for your playing style and tactics, while also identifying roster gaps for informed decisions.


Performance & Financial Evaluation

Our data-driven approach goes beyond traditional scouting methods. We meticulously analyse player performance metrics, including on-court statistics, efficiency measures, and contribution to team success. Additionally, we assess the financial transfer risks associated with acquiring a player, providing you with a holistic view of their value and potential return on investment.


Actionable Insights

Integrating all the collected data and evaluations into our platform, we deliver valuable insights that help you make informed decisions. Our intuitive reports and visualisations provide comprehensive player profiles, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, potential fit within your team, and financial viability. With our Scouting & Transfer Tool, you can confidently assemble a winning roster and stay ahead of the competition.


Identify roster gaps, Discover the Game-Changing Talent, Make Informed Decisions

Unleash the power of data and take your team to new heights of success