Game Performance Analysis

To gain a competitive edge, it is essential to thoroughly understand your opponents and their strategies. Our Opponent Game Scouting service equips you with in-depth insights and strategic advantages to dominate your matches.


Game-Specific Analysis

Each game and each opponent has different characteristics and that's why we treat them differently. Not only our opponents are changing but also our team is changing throughout matches, that's why you should be aware and ready to adapt to those changes. Analyzing players individually, the team as a whole but also the interaction between players, provides a competitive advantage for every game.


Uncovering Weak Spots

Our advanced statistical and Machine Learning models identify statistically significant trends and patterns in your opponents' performance data. We analyse their strengths and weaknesses, uncovering specific areas where they are most vulnerable. This knowledge enables you to develop targeted strategies and exploit their weak spots during the game.


Actionable Data Analytics Reports

Our In Game Performance Tool offers a Data Analytics report, highlighting crucial factors for the upcoming game, individually and as a team. It provides strategic recommendations and valuable insights, giving you a competitive advantage and increasing your winning probabilities. With this tool, you'll be fully prepared for every game and confident that your decisions are data-driven.


Know Your Rivals, Unlock the Winning Strategy

Unleash the power of data and take your team to new heights of success