Fitness & Injury Monitoring

Keeping your athletes in peak physical condition and safeguarding their performance is essential for success. Our Fitness & Injury Monitoring service utilises advanced data analytics to provide a comprehensive understanding of your players’ fitness levels and identify potential injury risks. Through a seamless three-step process, we help you proactively manage player well-being and maximise their on-field performance.


Streamlined Data Collection

We provide a quick and hassle-free way to collect daily athlete data, eliminating the need for additional hardware or equipment. From heart rate variability to training loads and wellness metrics, our comprehensive data collection process ensures no valuable information is overlooked.


Precise Risk Calculation

Our advanced ML algorithms analyse the collected data to estimate various risks that can impact your athletes, such as fatigue, contact/non-contact injuries, wellness levels, even travel stress, and sleep conditions. By understanding these risks, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize player performance and reduce the likelihood of overload and injuries.


Actionable Insights

We combine all the collected and processed data into our analytical platform, which generates valuable insights about attention zones and high-risk areas. Our intuitive dashboards and reports empower you with actionable recommendations to improve player performance, enhance recovery strategies, and mitigate injury risks. With our Fitness & Injury Monitoring service, you can confidently protect your players and unlock their full potential.


Unleash Your Players' Potential, Safeguard Their Performance

Unleash the power of data and take your team to new heights of success