Project 04 / Bayer Leverkusen: Team Performance Analysis (August-November, 2018)

Project 04 evaluates the In-game individual and team performance of Bayer 04 Leverkusen in Bundesliga since season 2017/2018, through the use of a variety of Data Science techniques. The insights of this project can be utilised by all relevant stakeholders of a club (such as coaching and medical staff, players, management and owners) in order to track the team’s performance over different categories.

Statathlon’s 04 Project provides to the manager the ability to directly monitor the team, as well as have an in-depth analysis of the club’s performance, strengths and weaknesses. Specifically the basic aims and objectives of the 04 Project consist of:

  • Understanding in depth the different impact that various statistical categories have and finding the correlation between them.
  • Assessing each player’s performance in order to find his strengths and weaknesses, as well as his progress throughout a season.
  • Providing the coaching staff with useful recommendations regarding team strengths and weaknesses. Outcomes of the analysis may be used to determine if there are any aspects where focus should be intensified in training.
  • Finding out how certain players perform in games against teams of different characteristics, in order to adjust tactics accordingly.
  • Suggestions regarding potential incoming transfers, improving in this way the overall performance of the club.

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