Project 04 / Bayer Leverkusen: Team Performance Analysis (April, 2019)

Project 04 evaluates the In-game individual and team performance of Bayer 04 Leverkusen in the current Bundesliga (2018-19) through the use of a variety of Data Science techniques. The insights of this project can be utilized by all relevant stakeholders of a club (such as coaching and medical staff, players, management and owners) in order to track the team’s performance over different categories.

The Statathlon analytics team use more than 20 basic and advanced performance indexes to create the report. They are divided into 2 main categories – individual and team – according to their focus. The advanced indexes have been created by Statathlon.

Statathlon’s 04 Project provides to the manager the ability to directly monitor the team, as well as have an in-depth analysis of the club’s performance, strengths and weaknesses. Project 04 offers valuable insight on the:

  • Monthly and Seasonal Growth of each player at the club
  • State of each player within the team, and a comparison of their performance to teammates in the same position
  • Analysis of Team performance, and the Demonstration of strong individual and team points and weaknesses, so that the manager can make the optimal lineup choice, depending on specific circumstances
  • Contribution of each sub-group within the team regarding age, physical characteristics, position, etc.
  • Outlook of the club’s and players’ performance in several categories, including skills, technique, mental and fitness

Below, a sample of some specific aspects of Project 04 can be found. Three players (contributing in different positions in the field) were used for the comparative analysis (i.e. spider charts). The above mentioned players have participated at least in 50% of matches this season. Moreover, ten advanced indexes (both team and individual) were also applied for a more detailed performance display.

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