Project 04 / Bayer Leverkusen: Head-to-Head Comparison (January, 2018)

Statathlon’s Intermediate 04 Project consists of a brief analysis regarding next figure’s most knowledgeable match-ups. Specifically, two or three pairs of players of the same position are evaluated and are tested in a head-to-head comparison.

Statathlon’s 04 Project provides the manager with the ability of direct monitoring of his team, as well as having an in-depth analysis of the club’s performance, strengths and vulnerabilities. Project 04 has the ability to give helpful insight regarding:

  • Monthly and Seasonal Growth of each player currently belonging to the club
  • State of each player within the team and comparison of his performance with players of the same position
  • Team Performance Analysis and Demonstration of strong points and weaknesses so that the manager can make the optimal lineup choice, depending on specific circumstances
  • Contribution of each sub-group within the team regarding age, nationality, physical characteristics, position, etc.
  • New-formed Indexes that could give a more detailed outlook of the club’s and players’ performance in several categories, including skills, technique, mental and fitness

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