zalgiris green grove project december 2018

Green Grove Project / BC Zalgiris : Team Performance Analysis (December, 2018)

Green Grove Project follows and analyzes individual and team performance of Lithuanian basketball club BC Zalgiris Kaunas in Euroleague Basketball since 2017/2018 season, using a variety of Data Science techniques and in – game indexes. The insights of this project can be utilised by all relevant stakeholders of a club (such as coaching and medical staff, players, management and owners) in order to track the team’s performance over different categories.

The aims of Green Grove Project are to:
• Provide useful recommendations to the coaching staff regarding their team’s actual strengths and weaknesses. The outcomes of the analysis can be used to determine if there are any fields where the team should pay more attention in training, or during pre–game preparation.
• Better understand the impact of the various statistical indexes, and identify the correlations amongst them.
• Find out how certain players perform in games against teams with different characteristics, in order to accordingly adjust defensive and offensive tactics.
• Assess each player’s performance in order to find their strengths and weaknesses.
• Explore the team’s performance during specific phases of a game (early minutes, clutch time, etc).

Zalgiris Kaunas and its players are evaluated in a monthly basis, where each report presents their performance for each league game during the last month. Our team uses boxscore data, as well as more complex data which cover advanced game aspects.

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