UEFA Champions League 2019-20

Welcome to our UEFA Champions League 2019-20 Prediction Project. For a 2nd consequent season we will cover every single match during the most significant club competition in Europe.

Last Season, we managed to cover 85 matches, having an average prediction Accuracy score of 63% (See Project’s Recap). This is not though the only Prediction Project we have prepared so far. Here you may find the relevant project focused on the FIFA World Cup 2018 and here the project about the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019.

This season, 2019-20, we will cover all matches of the tournament, providing also predictions not only about the winner but also about specific match stats. We will also provide the Team profiles and their Head-to-Head Analysis.

In the interactive Report below, you will be able to see the analysis of all the available matches in the tournament. The analysis includes:

  • The Team Profiles of the two opposing teams, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.
  • The Statathlon-own Predictions for specific match statistics that determine the outcome of the match and the projected winner. In order to forecast and calculate the winning probabilities our predicting algorithms simulated each match 100.000 times each.

for better experience on mobile, please use landscape mode when viewing the dashboard above