EuroLeague Project

We welcome you to our Data Analytics Marketing project called EuroLeague Analysis & Prediction Project (ELP – 2020-21 Version).This is the 2nd consequent season that the EuroLeague Project is live and we hope that we will be able to help on watching the sport as we do, using statistics and data insights. Enjoy!

In the live dashboard below you will be able to monitor each of the matches of the tournament and extract valuable statistical insights, either Explanatory (page 02 & 03) or Predictive. More Specifically, the dashboard contains 3 different sections:

Cover: Select the match of interest
Page 01: Team head-to-head Statistical comparison
Page 02: Player head-to-head Comparison
Page 03: Match-related Prediction Analysis (Points distribution and Result)
Page 03: Statathlon Performance Standings based on ELO Ranking System. 

for better experience on mobile, please use landscape mode when viewing the dashboard above