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Analysis & Prediction Projects: Press Release

We just launched two of the projects that we are very proud of. The Champions League (CLP) and the EuroLeague (ELP) Analysis & Prediction Projects for the 2020/21 season are now available on our website for you to enjoy.

This season, we had more time in our hands due to extended sports inaction. We put ourselves into work, listening to the constructive feedback. One of our greatest challenge was (and still is) to make the technical Data insights easy-to-grasp for non-technical audience without losing their scientific identities. We strongly believe that statistical analysis is a true weapon in sports, and we constantly work to convey its importance to our readers and followers.

For that reason, we decided to cut down almost 90% of the text we used last year; be less illustrative but more precise. We replaced Text paragraphs and insights with percentile scores. Prediction text also replaced by graphs and so on. To be more specific, the structure of CLP and ELP for the season 2020/21 is the following:


This part remained the same. You may choose the match you are interested in, and by pressing the button you can enjoy the analysis. Two interesting buttons have been added, 1) to read more about each project and 2) to go directly to ELO Standings (see below).

Team Head-to-Head Analysis

This part got a lot of changes. As it was mentioned above, text is no gone and be replaced by scores. You may now explore each category and its vital, according to our analysis, statistical metrics.

Player Head-to-Head Analysis (Available only for ELP)

In this page, you may choose each player from the two opposing teams, and examine his statistical profile, his strengths, weaknesses and on-court performance. We do like this part a lot since its design and preparation seemed very challenging in the beginning.

Match Prediction(Currently available only for ELP)

This section got also a lot of changes. We replaced Match related metrics with a probabilistic analysis regarding the points that each team is expected to score as well as the combined probability for both compared to the EuroLeague trend. The method behind Winning probabilities, also changed according to the new era (mid-COVID) of basketball and football respectively (eg. Crowd factor removed).

Dynamic (ELO) Standings

Finally, our performance standings, have been included in the same report and are now available also in football (CLP). You may now explore in a more compact way, the performance status of each team compared to the others. What’s the difference to the actual standings you may find online? Winning is the main objective. Performance, Schedule and Strength of opponent are the key factors, making these standings more accurate and honest about the conditions of the teams.

You may enjoy the projects each week on our Project webpage or seek for our Social Media posts advertising them using interesting insights about games, teams and players. Our team is always here for you to answer every question/comment you may have.

Once again, welcome to our Analysis & Prediction Projects!

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